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Student Honor Council

As part of Valor Christian Academy’s mission to develop servant leadership, the Student Honor Council (SHC) is an important part of student life at Valor. From elected officers to class representatives, students learn the responsibilities of decision making and overseeing programs to improve the student life of the campus. Students from TK-8th grade also learn about the importance of being a school citizen and learn to appreciate the privilege of voting as part of the democratic process. The SHC is responsible for selecting student-led service projects, fundraisers and organizing the school spirit week (March Madness).

Officer Positions

All Middle School students are eligible for officer positions. Through a week-long poster campaign and speeches made before the student body, students then vote for each position at the poll. These positions serve year-long and form the core of the Student Honor Council. Each Fall, Officers attend the one day ACSI Student Leadership Conference to cultivate new leadership skills.

Officer Positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Sargeant of Arms
  • Commissioner of Spirit

Class Representatives

Each class selects two class representatives to serve on the SHC. Class representatives need to exhibit integrity, honesty and show respect for fellow classmates. Class representatives serve for one semester.