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Music & Art

All Valor students in TK-5th grade participate weekly in our Music Program and monthly in our Young at Art Program. 


Our Music program is led by Mrs. Anna Faulds, who teaches students to sing and understand the rhythmic aspect of music. In addition to working on Worship songs, Mrs. Faulds prepares students for our annual Christmas Pageant and Spring Concert. 


Young At Art (YAA) is a local non-profit organization that brings the world of art and art history to over 7,500 students at 13 schools in the South Bay.  Thanks to PTF’s generous support that funds our YAA program each year, Valor students are to participate in YAA and have the opportunity to create six rich and meaningful art projects.  During each one-hour session, the students will learn about various artists, the associated art history and will gain exposure to a variety of media and techniques.  

Young at Art Logo

To create is meaningful and necessary to life. We each may have differing levels of need to create, but everyone does experience a sense of success in the simple act of being creative. Creativity leads to productivity, which leads to feeling accomplished, which lends to the overall feeling of happiness and pride in what we can do or add to this world.

YAA Volunteer Opportunities 

YAA is a parent-led program, and relies solely on Valor volunteers to organize and teach the classes.   If you are interested in inspiring our students’ creativity through art, then this is the opportunity for you!

There are 3 ways you can volunteer: 

1. Become a YAA Docent

Each classroom is assigned a YAA Docent for the year, typically a parent from that class.  Docents participate in 7 workshops throughout the year, and teach 6 of them to their class, each of which are one hour long.  Training is provided, so no prior teaching or art experience is required.  Docents should plan on 2 hours to teach each lesson: 1/2 hour each for set-up and clean-up, and 1 hour for the lesson itself.  This position automatically qualifies for 10 PTF volunteer hours.

2.  Assist Your Classroom Docent
Once the classroom lessons are scheduled, Docents will ask for parent volunteers to assist with each lesson.  Assisting parents will help set up before, and clean up after the lesson, as well as distribute materials and assist students during the lesson as needed.   This is a 2-hour time commitment per lesson (1/2 hour each for set-up and clean-up, and 1 hour for the lesson itself).  PTF Hours are provided based upon the number of hours served and must be signed off by the classroom teacher.
3. Be the Chair!

Every program needs a leader and YAA is no exception!  The YAA Chair is the main point of contact with the YAA organization and is responsible for attending YAA Board Meetings, recruiting docents, managing supplies and overseeing the YAA classes throughout the year.   Per YAA bylaws, the Chair must have served as a classroom docent for at least two years.   This position automatically qualifies for 10 PTF volunteer hours.

Please email our PTF for more information.