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Veteran's Salute

Veteran’s Salute

Veterans Day is an important day for every American, and its intent is to appreciate all of our service men and women who served the U.S. in all wars. Our veteran population is an integral part of American history; as these men and women have served our country in times both controversial and celebrated. It takes a special type of person to put their life on the line for our country, and we want to make sure they are honored when in many cases serving is a thankless job. So, everyone is invited to join us on Nov. 9th at the T’s at 8:15 a.m. for our Veteran Salute!

If you are a veteran, or you are still serving, we would like to honor you that day during our morning announcements at the T’s. If you plan on coming, and you are a veteran or are still serving, please let Mr. Posner [email protected] know no later than Monday, Nov. 6th.