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Valor at Pauley Pavilion - 001

Join us for the Coach King Classic at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion!

It is my prayer that EVERYONE attends this game.

Purchase tickets here:

(There may be a glitch with the “No photo” option. I have emailed about this and hope to have it cleared up quickly)

The Valor’s boys and girls basketball teams each have a game scheduled at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion to be played on the legendary John Wooden Court.

The games are scheduled for Monday, May 22nd

Where: Pauley Pavilion on the campus of UCLA

When: Monday, May 22nd

Time 5:45pm (Lady Eagles) & 6:30pm (Valor Men ‘A’ Team)

Who: vs. Riviera Hall Lutheran

There will two (2) games played:

  • Lady Eagles vs. Riviera Hall Lutheran at 5:45pm
  • Valor Men ‘A’ Team vs. Riviera Hall Lutheran at 6:30pm

The players are FREE.

  • Spectator fee is $24.95 per person. Valor must provide a total of 25 spectators for each game. (50 total)
  • As a comparison, the boys soccer team had 12 players and there were almost 60 spectators for the game. The ladies soccer team had 25 players and there were over 120 spectators for the game.
  • There appears to be a $9.00 transaction fee per order. You are encouraged to purchase multiple tickets at one time.

ALL Players must arrive to Pauley Pavilion at 4:30pm to check in.

It’s possible that we will plan to carpool from Valor, leaving at 3:30pm.

As the girls play at 5:45pm, the boys will be seated in the stands cheering on their teammates. When the boys team is playing at 6:30pm, we encourage everyone to stay and support.

At the moment, I believe…

Parking will cost $10 per vehicle.

There will be no concession stands.

No outside food is allowed to be brought in (supposedly).

Water bottles are allowed.

Clear Bag Policy will be in effect for spectators.

I will have more information and details about the game soon.

The most important thing is to purchase your tickets!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach me at any time.

Thank you so much!


Coach Phil