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Anti-Bullying Program

We want our Valor students to be courageous leaders. We want them to treat each other with kindness and respect. We want them to speak up for others when they witness someone being mistreated. Beyond establishing these expectations in our school culture and reinforcing these virtues throughout our curriculum, we use an anti-bullying program called “The Hero in You.”

“The Hero in You” is a program created by The Protectors.

The Protectors is the only faith-based organization of its kind helping Christian schools and other faith-based organizations such as youth groups, Boy Scouts and AWANA reduce bullying through its unique and effective program. This comprehensive program provides profound character development through its “Courage Training” module that bolsters spiritual growth and strength.

Protectors founder and acclaimed anti-bullying advocate Paul Coughlin provided in-person training for our third through eighth grade students, staff, and parents, equipping them with the information and tools they need to combat bullying, spread God’s love, and grow in their courage and faith.

Valor uses “The Hero in You” curriculum in follow-up lessons to ensure that we maintain our school’s atmosphere of justice, mercy, and hope. One of the key elements of the program is to encourage students to transform from being “bystanders” to being “alongside standers,” or people who will speak up in support of individuals experiencing mistreatment.

Valor has always fostered a positive, encouraging atmosphere, and we believe that a proactive approach to bullying will best prepare our students for continuing success at Valor, in high school, and beyond.

Text of Isaiah 40:31 from The Bible with school logo, lake, and forest