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After School Classes

Valor Christian Academy offers a number of after-school enrichment programs for students that stimulate the mind and body. Classes change quarterly, so there are plenty of opportunities to try new classes. Registration fees are set and collected by our after-school programs. Please see the Friday Flash for a list of current offerings and information about registering your child to participate.

Heartstrings Violin

We believe that learning music provides us with tools for understanding and creating beauty, for creative expression, and for social connection and cooperation.

A Sweet Time to Sign

Learn American Sign Language with A Sweet Time to Sign.

Extra Ordinary Learning

 XtraOrdinary Learning is a Family and Strategically Learning Coaching service that helps individuals, families and schools that have sticking points. We plan and evaluate the learning process, looking for the issues and discovering the different styles of learning.

Bricks 4 Kidz

Kids spend their young years playing with LEGO® Bricks, stacking the blocks together to create an immersive world. Bricks 4 Kidz takes this one step further with our LEGO®-Inspired After School Program. These classes deliver play that’s fun, educational and enriching for each child. We follow a six-week theme with guided instructions for kids to build a project, connect it to a motor and battery and watch their vision come to life. What better way to give kids hands-on fun while they learn practical ways to apply STEM concepts?

Kidz to Pros

KidzToPros broad array of programs support the educational, creative, social and physical needs and interests of children ages 4 to 18.

Academic Chess

This unique learning experience not only teaches children to play the game of chess, but also prepares them for innumerable facets of life by enhancing their thought processes and honing their analytical skills.  Academics Chess works on developing critical thinking, concentration and confidence in a fun and stimulating setting.

Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes uses sports as a catalyst to meet the needs of the whole child through fitness classes designed to advance each child’s individual motor-skills and inspire future participation in physical activity.  The program introduces the fundamentals of 10 different sports (soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, football, track and field, baseball, and golf) in a non-competitive environment.

Mad Science

Interactive, one-hour after school science programs are themed around particular areas of science and include such topics as rocketry, magnets, polymers, and even the science of toys.  In each class, children are encouraged to give science a try and build their very own model rockets, periscopes, Mad Science putty, and more. Children even get to take home their science experiment to show Mom and Dad!

Watch Me Draw

Students learn to draw some of their favorite characters by learning to draw basic shapes that they can identify in their surroundings.  With these fundamental concepts, students can extract the basic shapes out of something they see and ultimately create complex drawings on their own.

Watch Me Sculpt

 Watch Me Sculpt is an exciting after-school program that teaches students to learn the art of sculpting while inconspicuously developing their fine motor coordination.  Students work with Super Sculpey, the same clay used by animation studios, jewelry makers and professional doll makers.  Projects range from jewelry and fun character figurines to magic wands and pencil toppers.

Winy’s Kitchen

Young “chefs” will gain hands on experience learning about the culinary and cultural aspect of global dishes in a fun, nutritious, and mindful way.  Using fresh, healthy, & wholesome ingredients, Winy’s Kitchen empowers kids to cook nutritious foods for themselves and share with others!

Young Ninjas

Young Ninjas is a FUN, physical outlet, where children ages 3-9 learn FUNDAMENTAL martial arts techniques, in a non-competitive, non-contact, and age-appropriate environment.  Enrichment classes incorporate a vocabulary of martial arts moves, training games, and etiquette. New skills and a whole lot of self-confidence! We’ll bring the dojo to you – C’mon, how cool!